Promoting the use of R in the NHS


NHS-R Community Conference: My experience of the day

I went to the NHS-R Community Conference in Birmingham on Tuesday. It was great. Here are three observations about it. First, the old versus the new. Quite a few of the speakers alluded to the idea that R is sometimes seen in the NHS as this ‘new’ thing that is…


From script-based development to function-based development and onwards to Package Based development

At the NHS R Conference, I suggested to people that they should embrace the idea of package-based development rather than […]

Installing R and R studio

Installation Instructions (Part 1 of 2) Windows Users To Install R: Open an internet browser and go to Click the […]

A simple function to install and load packages in R

I was starting to despair at the amount of packages I end up using during the task of transforming, cleaning, […]

NHS open source public datasets – creating realistic synthetic datasets

This blog is an initial attempt to garner interest in a project to create NHS synthetic datasets in a range […]

How to extrapolate data from data

There are many occasions when a column of data needs to be created from an already existing column for ease […]

Evolution of the R user

      Adapted from source: The beginning My journey with R began when a colleague of mine said […]