NHS-R Solutions

Solutions are R packages or training that have been proposed or identified, that will help the NHS and Social Care to take advantage of the huge benefits of R along with other data science solutions. The NHS-R Solutions were funded in the past by NHSx and continue to be developed and maintained by volunteers in the community.

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Work in Progress Placehold for {NHSRpopulations}


An R data package with Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA) population estimates and Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) for

Work in Progress Placehold for Statements on Tools

Statements on Tools

The NHS-R Community statements on the use of tools including (but not exclusively) R and R Studio.

Complete Placehold for Quarto NHS theme

Quarto NHS theme

An NHS Theme for deploying Quarto websites to GitHub.io pages with automated GitHub action.

Active Placehold for {pxtextmineR}


An R wrapper for a Python pipeline to classify text based patient experience data.

Active Placehold for {NHSRepisodes}


Hospital episodes can overlap or have gaps which can result in under or over counting. This package contains functions which

Active Placehold for Demos and How tos

Demos and How tos

A repo for community contributed demos and how-tos to get common stuff done in the R language.

Complete Placehold for {NHSRdatasets}


This package has been created to help NHS, Public Health and related analysts/data scientists learn to use R. It contains several

Complete Placehold for {NHSRplotthedots}


An SPC package to support NHSE/I ‘Making Data Count’ programme The NHS-R community’s NHSRplotthedots package is available for building a

Complete Placehold for Expanding the {phsmethods} R Package

Expanding the {phsmethods} R Package

The {phsmethods} package has been developed to assist analysts in Public Health Scotland (PHS) with common analytical tasks. The benefits of this package are reducing duplication of

Complete Placehold for {FunnelPlotR}


Funnel plots have various methods depending on the data type, and the process for statistical adjustments are complicated to the lay-user.

Work in Progress Placehold for Shiny EndomineR

Shiny EndomineR

EndomineR is itself a highly useful piece of software for clinical use, the Shiny interface being developed would allow non

Complete Placehold for Shiny Training

Shiny Training

Introduction to Shiny courses with all materials available through GitHub with an open licence. Videos for the training can be

Complete Placehold for {NHSDataDictionaRy}


The {NHSDataDictionary} is a package that does web scraping of a number of key NHS data dictionary lookups to have all the

How to Get Involved

If you or your team are developing a package in R or a have a Solution you think NHS-R could host through the NHS-R Community GitHub or help with, please contact the community via email nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net or the Slack channel.

All NHS-R solutions are required to be released under an open source licence and all creators/maintainers and contributors are credited.