NHS-R newscast 6th July 2022

Goldacre review

Really good 1hr overview video from the Oxford Internet Institute to the Goldacre Morley report, gov initial response, and some good Q&A.

What does NHS-R and what can it do in the future?

  • Community building
    • Drop in sessions
    • Regular updates on GitHub issues and work triage
    • More involvement of and communication with fellows
    • Regular, structured communication programme featuring tweets, blogs, and podcasts
  • Experiential learning
    • Mentoring scheme
    • NHS data science accelerator
    • Run and co-run NHS-R training
    • NHS-R solutions can include a component where training/ supervising/ assisting the team delivering them is included
  • Writing code, software, and training
    • Offer an “out of the box” NHS-R solution where software is provided to organisations that request it
    • Contributing to policy


Going to have a bit of a push towards version 0.2 by conference time.
Any users who have quibbles / potential bugs, now’s the time to talk / raise issues / get them understood and addressed.
Auto-rebasing. Discussion about pros and cons https://github.com/nhs-r-community/NHSRplotthedots/issues/151
Any users who have some time to help with writing material for a training workshop?

Drop in session

was a great success, next one early August TCB for details see #announcements in Slack


Great for learning, this is a curated list of screencasts following #tidytuesday solutions, indexed in various ways so you can find the things that might interest you, or that you want to learn about.

Big Book of R https://www.bigbookofr.com/

RAP strategy


Demand and capacity

Very early days, some code here https://github.com/nhs-r-community/shinyDemand . Join the #demand-and-capacity channel on Slack to get involved

Send an email! nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net