NHS-R newscast 24th February 2023

Another newscast for the month of February, a quick summary for those of you who do not do the whole podcast thing:

We discussed the upcoming HACA and NHS-R conferences and the type of paper you might take to each. HACA is focused on analytics that enhance decision quality and inform action and strategic change. NHS-R is more focused on writing code with open source tools, packages and tools, RAP, and all the other stuff readers of the NHS-R blog know and love.

We talked about dplyr 1.1.0 dplyr 1.1.0: `pick()`, `reframe()`, and `arrange()` (tidyverse.org) and dplyr 1.1.0: Joins (tidyverse.org). There is also more on YouTube: New features in dplyr 1.1.0, and an introduction to ivs – YouTube

We discussed a recent Slack thread looking at mutate_all and described how you can future proof your code by looking at things like lifecycle badges  

“Code archaeology” next with a look at aes_string

We discussed the Government Data Science Community and all the ways to hear more and get involved- Slack, meetups and a newsletter.

Applications to data science accelerator are closed but it will return, so keep an eye out for it  

We also discussed the graduate programme which is open to applications