Promoting the use of R in the NHS

NHS-R Conference – 2021

NHS-R Conference 2021

The NHS-R Community held its annual conference virtually

from 8th to 10th November

Read the Blog Post from Gary Hutson – What a NHS-R Community Conference it was – simply wow!

If you missed it or would like to watch again the conference recordings are available on the NHS-R YouTube channel

Workshop Week

The Conference also included a ‘Workshop Week’ from 1-5 November 2021

Day 1 – Monday 8th November: View on YouTube

Day 2 – Tuesday 9th November: View on YouTube

Day 3 – Wednesday 10th November – View on YouTube

The Conference included a diverse range of speakers .

Including lightning talks and plenary sessions. View Conference Programme

Keynote Speaker: Julia Silge
Wednesday 10th November

Title: “Creating features for machine learning from text”

Julia Silge is a data scientist and software engineer at RStudio PBC

Frank E Harrell Jr
Tuesday 9th November

Title: “Statistical Mistakes to Avoid

Frank Harrell is a Professor of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville Tennessee    @f2harrell

09:30Professor Mohammed Mohammed, NHS-R CommunityOpening and Welcome
09:45Ellen Coughlan, Programme Manager, The Health FoundationAdvancing Analytics: Community and Capability
10:05Peter Spilsbury, Director, The Strategy UnitWhat should the NHS learn from the NHS-R Community
10:25Natalia Domagala, Head of Data Ethics Policy, Cabinet OfficeImplementing data ethics initiatives in the public sector
11:05Colin Angus, Senior Research Fellow, University of SheffieldChallenges and opportunities in visualising COVID data using R
11:25Madeleine Whelan and Will Yuill, Hertfordshire County CouncilCOVID-19 Modelling using R  
11:45Colin Fay, Data Science and Engineering at ThinkRLet’s talk about accessibility
12:25Jessica Pang, Improvement Cymru, Public Health WalesOur journey to RShiny applications for COVID-19 Sampling and Testing
12:45Ben Murch, NHS England and NHS Improvement and Emma Gara, NHS Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCGModelling the impact of first wave Covid-19 on mental health service capacity across a local health system
14:00Lightning Talks
14:05Lee Coulson, Senior Information Analyst, NHS Devon CCGSimple Geospatial Visualisation Using Leaflet
14:15Anne Alarilla, Senior Data Analyst, The Health FoundationUsing R to analyse survey data
14:25Sebastien Peytrignet, Data Analyst, The Health FoundationWhat can an online shopping algorithm teach us about coordinating outpatient care?
14:35Tom Jemmett, Senior Healthcare Analyst, The Strategy Unit,Introduction to OOP in R with S3  
14:45Martine Wauben, Lead Data Scientist, DHSCVoices of the public: using text data
15:05Jay Hughes, Data Engineer, The Health FoundationIntroducing an R package to process CPRD Aurum data
15:15Andy South, Data Scientist, University College London HospitalDeveloping R & data skills in clinicians at UCLH through a fellowship program & training
15:25Lydia Briggs, Data Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS TrustAutomated Data Processes in Clinical Operations – A pilot study for the Cardiac M&M meetings
09:30Rich Gillett and Andrew Johnson,
Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Directorate, Government for Western Australia, Department for Health
Down undeR: our journey using R for quality assurance in Perth Australia
09:50Sarah Culkin, Head of Analytics, NHSXFree and open – what is the role of the centre?
10:10Rony Arafin, Chief Operating Officer, AphAEmpowering Analytics using Open Source Tools
10:30Emma Rand, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of YorkYou can make an R package too!
11:10Jacob Anhøj, Centre of Diagnostic Investigation, Rigshospitalet, University of CopenhagenRun Forest, run! – Understanding variation using runs analysis
11:30Peter Higgins, Professor of Gastroenterology, University of MichiganIntroducing the {medicaldata} teaching package
11:40Lluís Revilla Sancho, Bioinformatician Improving (analysis) process: developing packages
12:00Simon Wellesley-Miller, Information Manager at Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Christopher Reading, Divisional Information Specialist, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS TrustNHSRplotthedots
12:30Simon Moss with Dr Richard Wood, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGUse of PathSimR to support COVID-19 mass vaccination and stroke service centralisation
12:50Will Yuill, Principal Epidemiologist, Public Health, Hertfordshire County CouncilPutting R into Production
13:10Hazel Kirkland and Chris Beeley, Lead Pharmacist and Senior Data Scientist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustPutting the R in phaRmacy- forecasting and stock control using R for pharmacy inventory management
15:00Afternoon with International Colleagues
15:05Frank Harrell, Professor of Biostatistics in the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt UniversityStatistical Mistakes to Avoid
In applied statistics it is easier to learn what not to do than it is to learn what to do.
In this talk I will overview statistical errors to avoid, which are listed at  
This list is primarily driven by fundamental principles of statistics such as the ones listed at  One of the most common errors made in research is categorizing continuous variables, for which a separate topic exists at
15:50Gergely Daroczi & Ajay Gopal, Rx Studio Inc.R package and APIs for Scaled Personalized Medicine 
16:05Jeroen Ooms, Staff Research Engineer with @ropensci at UC BerkeleyThe r-universe project
09:30Gary Hutson, Senior Data Scientist, AscentNHS-R Solutions
09:45John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement (London Region), NHS England and NHS Improvement. Co-founder of HexitimeHexitime: the skill exchange and timebank for improving health and care services
10:05Suki Panesar, NHS England and NHS Improvement-Connecting the data and analytic workforce and creating a social movement for good: the story of AnalystX
10:25Simon Wellesley-Miller, Information Manager at Devon Partnership NHS TrustInteractive reports using HTML widgets in R Markdown
11:05Hugo Cosh & Zoe Strawbridge, Public Health WalesShiny doesn’t have to be scary: an easy way in with RMarkdown
11:25Dr Kate Bamford, Senior Data Surveillance Scientist, East Midlands Health Protection Team UK Health Security AgencyUsing R Markdown, Reactable and Crosstalk to create an interactive COVID-19 review tool
11:45Kieran Zucker, NIHR Clinical Lecturer, University of LeedsSelf Service Analytics and Automatic Document Generation with R
12:25Heather Turner, R-Ladies
EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow, University of Warwick
Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the R Community
12:45Adam Watkins,
Advanced Improvement Analyst/Uwch-ddadansoddwr Gwelliant, Improvement Cymru (Public Health Wales)
Mapping public transport travel times – building on and enabling the work of others
15:05Lightning Talks
15:10Hugo Herrera, Head of Analytics, East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation TrustAnalysing A&E capacity and demand with R
15:20Dr William Bryant, Senior Data Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS TrustPredicting length-of-stay to improve patient flow – operational data science using R, `tidymodels` and `targets`
15:30Neli Garbuzanova, Deputy Head of Transformation, NHS EnglandR challenges and opportunities in the delivery of NHS service
16:00Julia Silge, Data Scientist and Software Engineer at RStudioCreating features for machine learning from text
16:45Chris Beeley, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustClosing Remarks

Please note our NHS-R Community Conference 2021 Code of Conduct.

Workshop Week

We will also be holding an ‘Advanced R’ Workshop week on 29th November to 3rd December.