Promoting the use of R in the NHS

NHS-R Academy

NHS-R Academy

The NHS-R community is only as strong as its members, and we continue to seek ways to promote and reward all the wonderful, kind, and talented people using R all over health and social care. This is a reminder about our champions and fellows scheme, which awards the title of:

  • Champion – someone who promotes R in health and social care, regardless of their technical expertise, providing energy and enthusiasm, blog posts, and discussion on Slack/ Twitter/ Hexitime/ other channels
  • Fellow – someone with some expertise in R in health and social care, who might contribute by training, or answering questions on Twitter, Slack or Hexitime, or any other way that they can help others with their expertise
  • Associate – someone who promotes R in health and social care, sharing their skills and expertise, but who does not themselves work in health and social care in the UK
  • Friend – someone who is a fan of the NHS-R Community and promotes its aims without being employed in the public sector.

Bound to look good on your CV and it’s guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that you’re helping to make health and social care the best it possibly can be.


If you are interested in learning more about the NHS-R Academy titles or want to apply for one, please email to

All applications are considered by the NHS-R Technical Advisory Group and requestee will be informed as soon as an approval decision has been made.