NHS-R Online Speaker Conference 2022 – 10th November 2022

NHS-R Online Speaker Conference 2022

Day 3: Thursday 10th November 2022

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Event Speakers

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Chris Waller

Business Intelligence Manager, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB

Chris Waller is a Business Intelligence Manager who joined the NHS in 2017. In his role he leads a team who receive and process data flows into the ICB. He is keen to explore how new technologies can help improve processes and has become a big fan of R and its possibilities since joining the team.

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Jeremy Selva

Research Assistant, National University of Singapore

Jeremy is a research assistant from the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (https://sling.sg) at the National University of Singapore. With an interest in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, he currently works on creating research software to automate lipidomics analysis workflow.

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Kieran Dale

Senior Analyst, Edge Health

Kieran Dale is a Senior Analyst working for a small healthcare analytics consultancy called Edge Health, helping healthcare organisations to improve their decision-making and make best use of their data. He has a background in Aerospace Engineering, and experience in predictive modelling, optimisation and data-driven storytelling. He has a deep interest in machine learning techniques, system dynamics/control theory, and how to use data science for societal benefit.

Ffion Thomas (accompanied by Danielle Hearn)

Senior Public Health Intelligence Analyst, Public Health Wales

Ffion has worked as an intelligence analyst for three years, and Danni for two years, in the Observatory and Cancer Analytical Team at Public Health Wales. Their team work hard analysing data and designing valuable and informative web applications, with the aim to deliver public health intelligence in the most effective ways to their users. Working in a skilled and innovative team, they have both come to appreciate the infinite possibilities with R and its undeniable benefits to health services. They look forward to showcasing some possibilities in their talk, with the hope to inspire and empower others.

Alex Reid (accompanied by Robert James Mitchell)


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Robert James Mitchell (accompanied by Alex Reid)

Information analyst for the CHI Linkage team in Public Health Scotland

I am currently an information analyst for the CHI Linkage team in Public Health Scotland (PHS). I have also been a mathematical modeller for two years at the Defense, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). For my university experience, I have an MSc in Computational Mathematics and an MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

William Bryant

Senior Data Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Oscar Baruffa

Senior Analytics Manage

Oscar Baruffa is a Senior Analytics Manager working in the International Development sector with a background in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability. He's a huge fan of R and maintains the Big Book of R and RScreencasts.com.

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Edwin Thoen

Data Scientist

Edwin got his MsC in applied statistics at Leiden University and has been working as a data scientist for almost a decade now. For the past five years he has been employed by funda, the main housing platform in the Netherlands. In his daily job he focuses on developing, productionizing and maintaining machine learning models and other data products, as well as performing ad hoc data analysis to answer business questions. At work he uses a mix of R, python and sql. In 2017 he released the padr package on CRAN, which has accrued 1.4 million downloads over the last 6 years.

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November 10, 2022

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10:55 am - 1:00 pm

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