NHS-R/NHS.pycom Online Conference Workshop 2023 – Create your own API with Python and FastAPI

Create your own API with Python and FastAPI with YiWen Hon

We are very excited to announce that the NHS-R Community will be hosting its annual conference, including pre-conference online talks, online workshops and the main conference, during October 2023

The online conference workshop will be hosted via Zoom and take place on the following date:

  • Monday 02nd October 2023 – 1:30pm until 5:00pm (UK time)

Workshop Content

The objective of this workshop is to introduce Python users to the FastAPI package and show them how to build their own API, using free and open source tools. APIs are a great way of making machine learning models more accessible to a wider audience, reducing the technical barrier to entry.

We will begin with an overview of what APIs are and how they can be interrogated, and a revision of basic concepts such as the JSON data format, and how it is comprised of the lists and dict types. We will practice using the requests library to query a simple API endpoint. We will then move on to using FastAPI to build a very basic endpoint, using the Uvicorn package to test if it works on the local machine. After that, we will build a more complex API endpoint that accepts parameters, again testing if it works on the local machine. Depending on the progress of participants, we can also touch on more complex concepts such as validating parameters, POST requests, and documentation. The workshop will finish with suggestions for how the API can be made publicly available, with an overview of some hosting solutions, and common considerations such as authentication and security.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Query APIs using the Python requests library
  • Create a basic RESTful API using FastAPI
  • Test their API locally using Uvicorn.

Ticket Information

By registering for this event, you will qualify for the following:

  • Attendance to the full workshop virtually.


A Zoom link will be provided to you to attend the conference workshop virtually. Please note that if subtitles are used, they are likely to be generated by Zoom thus, may encounter some issues converting technical language and acronyms to text.

If you require any additional information or have any accessibility requests, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Team via nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net

Additional Conference Related Activities

Please note that the conference will also include the following separate activities:

  • A series of online workshops from Thursday 28th September 2023 until Friday 06th October 2023
  • A series of online conference talks from Monday 09th October 2023 until Wednesday 11th October 2023
  • The NHS-R/NHS.pycom Conference 2023 at Edgbaston Stadium on Tuesday 17th October 2023 and Wednesday 18th October 2023 (can be attended in-person or virtually)
  • A post-conference ‘speed dating’ inspired networking session to provide community member’s with an opportunity to be introduced to other event attendees in the afternoon of Tuesday 17th October 2023 (in-person attendance required)
  • A post-conference social in the evening of Tuesday 17th October 2023 (in-person attendance required).

Event Speakers

YiWen Hon

Data Scientist at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

YiWen was a librarian for 10 years before retraining as a data scientist. She now works on an NHS England funded open source project, pxtextmining, creating natural language processing models to help NHS Trusts make better use of their qualitative data. She also teaches Python and data science at the coding bootcamp provider, Le Wagon.

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Event Date

October 2, 2023

Event Time

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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