NHS-R Conference Webinar: Modern Geospatial Data Analysis with R – 21st November 2022

Modern Geospatial Data Analysis with R

‘’I didn’t know you could do that in R!”

  • Monday 21st November 2022


Proficient in R. e.g. familiar with the tidyverse.
You do not need to have any previous knowledge on geospatial analysis in R,

About the course:

Creating maps with R is an efficient and reproducible way of communicating insight to stakeholders. This workshop will expose participants to the modern workflow in geospatial analysis with R.

An explosion of packages for working with spatial data, means you can ditch your GIS software and do geospatial analysis in R end-to-end in a more reproducible way.

This workshop exposes participants on how to read, manipulate and visualize spatial data in R.

Learning objectives:

  1. How spatial data can be integrated into data science workflows, how to manipulate, and make sense of spatial data.
  2. learn key strategies for getting spatial data into R
  3. learn the different types of coordinate reference systems
  4. learn about the different types of spatial data
  5. learn how to create static and interactive maps with R


  1. Introduction to geospatial analysis in R
  2. Getting your spatial data into R
  3. Types of spatial data in R
  4. Coordinate reference system
  5. Data Wrangling
  6. Visualizing your spatial data (Static and Interactive maps)

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Event Speakers

Oluwafemi Oyedele

Research Fellow, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria

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Event Date

November 21, 2022

Event Time

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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