NHS-R Conference Workshop: Introduction to Interactive plotting with R – 3rd November 2022

Introduction to Interactive plotting with R

  • Thursday 3rd November 2022

Pre-requisites: Some introductory experience with R

About the course:

The workshop will cover creating interactive graphs using plotly and echarts4r packages as well as the motivations behind using interactive graphs in reports and apps.

It will go through the basic syntax of each package and how to create basic bar, scatter, and line graphs while customising the hover labels, legends, and themes.

I will go through additional functionalities of each package, such as adding buttons, additional layers, and grouping/linkage between graphs.

The session will have some basic exercises with optional additional challenges to create complex plots and render it using Rmarkdown.

Please see the full list of NHS-R Conference Workshops available here

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Annie Yu

Epidemiological Programmer, Hertfordshire County Council

As an Epidemiological Programmer in Hertfordshire Council, I use R in all aspects of my work including developing tools and dashboards using Shiny as well as using R for data analytics and modelling. I am currently focused on making it easier for our team to reuse code through {box} and packaging.

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November 3, 2022

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10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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