NHS-R Conference Workshop: Fitting distributions in R – 25th November 2022

Fitting distributions in R

  • Friday 25th November 2022


A basic understanding of how to use R

About the course:

This session will begin by introducing probability distributions, the different types of distribution and why we use them in data science.

We will then move on to an overview of the distribution fitting process and how to implement this in R using the ‘fitdistrplus’ and ‘actuar’ packages.

As we proceed through the distribution fitting process, we will discuss some of the theory around the techniques used to fit a distribution to a data set.

There will be the opportunity to practice generating data from and fitting data to different distributions.

Finally, we will explore the use of a shiny based app to help streamline your day-to-day distribution fitting activities.

Please see the full list of NHS-R Conference Workshops available here

Event Speakers

Dr Sean Manzi

Research Fellow in Applied Healthcare Modelling and Analysis, University of Exeter College of Medicine and Health

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Event Date

November 25, 2022

Event Time

10:00 am - 11:30 am

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