NHS-R Community Conference 2022: Day 2, 17th November 2022- join online!

NHS-R Community Conference 2022

Day 2: Thursday 17th November 2022

Join us online on Thursday 17th November for Day 2 of the NHS-R Community Conference!

9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Registration is open to all!

The NHS-R Community Conference 2022 is a hybrid conference with the opportunity to join in person at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham or to join online via Zoom.

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Event Speakers

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Andy Orlowski

Director of the Health Economics Unit

Andi is a health economist and the Director of the Health Economics Unit, an NHS organization that supports health & care organisations locally, regionally and nationally, providing expertise in economics, population health, analytics & evaluations.
Andi is particularly interested in population health analytics, addressing health inequalities and impactibility modelling and is researching this for his PhD at Imperial College London. He also lectures at Imperial College London on population health management and how to measure system performance.
Andi has also been selected as a 2022 HSJ Wildcard for his work relating to population health management and addressing inequalities with the use of data
Andi is a Senior Advisor for NHS England on Population Health Management in the Data and Analytics Directorate.
Andi is also the President of the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) and is a registered analytical professional at the Leading Practitioner level.
Andi is a Council Member at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) advising on value and PHM.

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German Priks

Technical Specialist, NHS National Services Scotland

German Priks works as a technical specialist in NHS National Services Scotland with a particular focus on data visualisation and data engineering. Prior to joining NHS NSS he spent 5 years in Public Health Scotland developing management information reporting tools. He’s the author and maintainer of the open-source synthetic data generation library Exhibit. German is an enthusiastic supporter of using modern software engineering techniques and approaches in the public sector and has been involved in mentoring and outreach projects.

Milan Wiedemann

Researcher / Health Data Scientist, University of Oxford, Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science

Chris Mainey

Deputy Director of Specialist Analytics at North Central London Integrated Care Board (NCL ICB).

Chris Mainey is an NHS data scientist and analytical lead. He has led analytical teams in Patient Safety at NHSE, national benchmarking at University Hospitals Birmingham and has recently joined the specialist analytics team at North Central London ICB. He has experience in patient safety, public health, clinical networks, and acute trust informatics.
Chris’ work focuses on modelling NHS data with a variety of statistical and machine learning techniques. He completed his PhD at UCL, on modelling NHS incident reporting data using quantitative methods and NLP/text mining. He is keen on teaching and training, causal inference, and trying to ask better questions.

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Santosh Kumar (accompanied by Yihan Xu)

Lead Data Scientist, The Health Economic Unit (Yihan Xu: senior health economist at HEU)

Santosh Kumar is a dedicated machine learning researcher. He is experienced in applying advanced machine learning techniques and natural language processing to solve real-world data-driven problems.
Passionate about improving healthcare systems through the application of machine learning explainability, privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Santosh has used these techniques to outstanding effect in a variety of cases. This includes:

• Extracting information from MRI/CT images for early breast cancer prediction, and
• Developing unemployment prediction tools by analysing extensive volumes of public sector data.
Santosh is always keen to collaborate and is happiest when he is able to apply and extend his expertise in machine learning to provide the greatest benefits to the population.

Yihan is a senior health economist at HEU, who is passionate about exploring and delivering smart solutions that improve public health without burning a hole in the NHS’s pocket. She has extensive experience in examining and synthesising scientific data to inform and improve the delivery of government services in public health and education. Most recently, she collaborated on a project that enhanced the UK government’s COVID-19 response. She has worked for a range of clients including the Department of Health and Social Care, the NHS, the Education Endowment Foundation, and the Ministry of Defence

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Adnan Shroufi

Data Scientist, NHS BSA

Adnan Shroufi is a Data Scientist working within the Data Science team at the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), where he has worked for nearly four years. He and the Data Science team use R, along with other tools, to deliver new insights from data through innovation, experimentation and collaboration. The NHSBSA has various key data assets, including prescriptions, NHS Pensions and NHS Jobs data, and the variety of these datasets means Adnan gets to learn and use various Data Science techniques. The complexity and scale of these datasets means his day-to-day work is challenging and engaging, with the potential for many future insights. The task of matching patient address details from prescription forms at scale led to Adnan and the Data Science team creating a dbplyr-based address matching package, which is the topic of his presentation at the NHS-R Conference 2022.

Will Yuill

Principal Epidemiologist, Hertfordshire County Council

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Nathan Thomas

Principal Workforce Analyst, Health Education England

Nathan is a workforce analyst for Health Education England, with a particular interest in understanding long-term change in workforce planning to support kinder and more effective health and social care. He holds a Professional Certificate in Practical Statistics from the Open University, and he likes art and cycling.

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Cara Thompson

Freelance Data Consultant, Building Stories with Data

Cara Thompson is an Edinburgh-based freelance data consultant with an academic background. She specialises in creating clear and engaging data visualisations, and in automating data-related processes to create "enhanced" reproducible outputs. She is passionate about helping people make the most of data and maximising the impact of other people's expertise.

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Veerle van Leemput

Managing Director & Head of Data Science, Analytic Health

Veerle van Leemput is an entrepreneur who gets excited about data and programming- passions that originate from her Master in Data Science and multiple years of experience in building software for pharmaceutical companies. As a big advocate of the R language, she spreads the word about using R in organisations with enthusiasm. She is Managing Director and Head of Data Science at Analytic Health, a UK-based company that develops intelligent and accessible software which gives organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare. At Analytic Health, they develop enterprise-level Shiny applications and Plumber APIs that are built around R data pipelines processing UK pharmaceutical data.

URLs (if applicable):

Veerle van Leemput: https://www.linkedin.com/in/veerlevanleemput/
Analytic Health: https://analytichealth.co.uk

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Colin Gillespie

CTO, Jumping Rivers

Colin has been using R since 1999 and is the co-founder of Jumping Rivers. He's the author of several R packages and has published the book Efficient R Programming with O'Reilly.

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Razia Ghani

Head teacher, Green Oak Academy, Birmingham UK

Dr Razia Ghani – is the Head Teacher of Green Oak Academy, Birmingham, UK with a PhD in Mathematics and experience of working as an applied statistician in the pharmaceutical sector. She has over 20 years of teaching experience which also includes the use of innovative technology-based teaching.

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Ryan Johnson


"Ryan is a Customer Success Manager at Posit (RStudio), helping groups in the Life Sciences and Healthcare space with their data science needs. Ryan has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the Uniformed Services University (Bethesda, MD) and worked as a Prokaryotic Geneticist at the National Human Genome Research Institute (National Institutes of Health) before joining Posit."

Tareef Kawaf


Tareef Kawaf has been the President of Posit, PBC (f/k/a RStudio, PBC) for the past 9.5 years. He is a veteran of 4 start-ups, with most of his prior experience being focused on building products and high performing engineering teams. At Posit, he has helped build an organization that has sustainably attracted and retained talent that is motivated by the mission of making open-source data science and scientific publishing accessible to anyone, anywhere regardless of their economic means. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and two teenage boys who have replaced all his former hobbies and interests. :)

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Samuel Channon-Wells

Clinical PhD Fellow in Paediatric Infectious Disease, Imperial College London

I'm a Paediatric junior doctor based in Oxford. My main interests are in Paediatric Infectious Disease diagnostics, and antimicrobial use in children. I am particularly interested in using big data to solve key challenges in Paediatric research, building on my previous training as a Mathematician. I'm currently undertaking a PhD at Imperial College London looking at the transcriptomic classification of febrile illnesses, and also working on the very exciting DIAMONDS project, which is aimed at developing new transcriptomic-derived diagnostics for Paediatric infectious and inflammatory disorders. My work on antimicrobial use is focussed on harnessing electronic prescribing data to better understand consumption patterns, with the aim of supporting stewardship initiatives and also help us determine how antimicrobial use relates to other factors, including geographic/demographic variation, stewardship, and rates of antimicrobial resistance.

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Adam Steventon

Building the data platforms for the UK’s largest ever health research programme, Our Future Health

Dr Adam Steventon is Director of Data Platforms at Our Future Health, which will be the UK’s largest ever health research programme, bringing people together to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. Previously, he was Director of Data Analytics at the Health Foundation, where he established a programme of work to advance the use of data in pursuit of higher quality health care.

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Daniel Weiand

Consultant medical microbiologist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Consultant Microbiologist
Qualifications: MBChB, FRCPath, MMedEd, RCPathME
Daniel joined Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a Consultant Medical Microbiologist in 2015, and has a special interest in nephrology, urology, solid organ transplantation (kidney and pancreas), vascular surgery, medical education, clinical informatics and quality improvement.
Before moving to the North East, Daniel trained in Aberdeen, Sheffield, York, Hull and Leeds.
Additional responsibilities include:
• Associate Clinical Lecturer at Newcastle University;
• Training Programme Director for Infectious Diseases, Medical Microbiology and Virology at Health Education England North East (HEENE);
• Medical Examiner for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust;
• Examiner for the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath);
• “Q” fellow at The Health Foundation.
Primary Email address: dweiand@nhs.net
Twitter handle: @send2dan

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Louise Reynolds

Cancer Intelligence Analyst, National Disease Registration Service, NHS Digital

Louise Reynolds is a Cancer Intelligence Analyst working within the England National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, a part of the National Disease Registration Service (NDRS). Louise's work focuses on cancer treatments, linking Hospital Episode Statistics with cancer data, and the Radiotherapy Dataset.

Anastasiia Zharinova

Senior Economic Manager, NHS England

Anastasiia Zharinova is Senior Economic Manager in Economics & Strategic Analysis team, NHS England. Most recently, she was leading on elective recovery modelling and overseeing analysis on forecasting long-stayers . Anastasiia has a background in Economics, Health Economics and Econometrics and, prior to joining NHS England, worked for the Strategy Unit as a healthcare analyst. She is passionate about using R in healthcare analysis and contributes to NHS-R community and internal NHS England R Steering group.

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Annie Yu

Epidemiological Programmer, Hertfordshire County Council

“As an Epidemiological Programmer in Hertfordshire Council, I use R in all aspects of my work including developing tools and dashboards using Shiny as well as using R for data analytics and modelling. I am currently focused on making it easier for our team to reuse code through {box} and packaging.”

Ruchir Shah

Radiology Specialty Registrar, Oxford Univeristy Hospitals

I am currently a doctor based in Oxford, training as a Radiology specialty registrar which I am very much enjoying. My foray into programming was at medical school with an introduction to Matlab. From there by accident, I learnt about R from anaesthetic tutors and was inspired to teach myself (thank you stack overflow and Youtube!). I enjoy the problem solving element of it all and can see the potential benefit of it for simple everyday problems for clinicians and ultimately patients. I look forward to learning from and meeting members from this community.

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Sebastian Bate

Junior Medical Statistician, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Seb Bate is a medical statistician within Research and Innovation at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and an honorary research assistant at the Centre for Biostatistics at the University of Manchester. He collaborates with multidisciplinary research groups across the Trust to produce research output with direct patient benefits. His current work includes studies in renal, respiratory, and critical care medicine and has a particular interest in prediction modelling.

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Batool Almarzouq

Bioinformatician, KAIMRC/UoL

Batool Almarzouq is an honorary research fellow at the University of Liverpool and a computational biologist at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC). She advocates for inclusive and collaborative community spaces to enable purposeful human-centred adoption of open research practices, tools and culture. She founded the Open Science community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA), which introduces and contextualise Open Science practices in Arabic-speaking countries. She is also a Content Subject Matter Expert (SME) in NASA's Transform to Open Science (TOPS). Batool is a committee in the R-Ladies Global Team, which is a worldwide organisation that promotes gender diversity in the R community. She is also a core contributor to The Turing Way (UK), an open-source, community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science.

Chris Beeley

Senior Data Scientist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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November 17, 2022

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