Promoting the use of R in the NHS


Introduction to Shiny

Shiny is an programming framework for R that allows you to build dynamic and interactive dashboards for the web with no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. It allows R programmers to very easily allow their users to interact with analyses written in R.

This course will teach you Shiny all the way from writing your very first application to writing a full fledged dashboard with real NHS data in, and cover good practice in Shiny development. The course finishes with a preview of advanced methods for those curious to learn more.

Intermediate knowledge of R and RMarkdown is essential!

This course is for for NHS and Public Sector only, but delegates from academia, third sector and the private sector will be allowed to attend if there is capacity. Please leave the valid working email address.

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Introduction to Shiny

Event Speakers

  • Chris Beeley

    Senior Analyst

  • Zoë Turner

    Senior Information Analyst

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