Promoting the use of R in the NHS


Introduction to Hexitime

Join us on April 15th to learn about how the partner of the NHS-R Community, Hexitime, can be used in your organisation to exchange skills and ideas. Hexitime is the skill exchange and timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK. It's free to join, and when you give an hour of your time, you get an hour back. In this workshop, John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement (London) and co-founder of Hexitime, will demonstrate how the platform works, and how you can use it to take action and make change in your organisation. The session will finish with getting people set up on Hexitime, with a tour of its features.

Event Speakers

  • John Lodge

    Head of Quality Improvement (London) and Co-founder of Hexitime

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