Promoting the use of R in the NHS

Author: Gary Hutson

About Gary Hutson

(Head of Advanced Analytics)
Arden & GEM CSU

My background is in Advanced Analytics and my passions are Machine, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, R, Python, statistics, applied modelling and general programming concepts. I have been using R for 8+ years to provide various solutions to a number of my problems. Career wise - I am the Head of Advanced Analytics at Arden & GEM CSU , prior to that I worked as the Head of AI & Data Science for a predictive analytics and machine learning company called Draper & Dash, who specialise in healthcare intelligence and informatics. Additionally, I was also the Senior Data Scientist there. My public sector experience is extensive and I have had roles as Principal Analyst for Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottinghamshire Police, in various analytical, data science, statistics, managerial and programming roles.

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