NHS-R Academy Titles

The NHS-R Community is only as strong as its members, and we continue to seek ways to promote and reward all the wonderful, kind, and talented people using R involved with health and social care. The NHS-R Academy offers the following titles to people who are in the NHS-R Community.

If you are interested in applying for a NHS-R Academy titles, please complete the Application Form and email it to nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net.

Someone who promotes R in Health and Social Care, regardless of their technical expertise, providing energy and enthusiasm, blog posts, and discussion on Slack and Social Media.



Someone with some expertise in R in health and social care, who might contribute to the code/knowledge repositories, volunteer for training, answering questions on Slack, running workshops or webinars or any other way that they can help others with their expertise.

Fellows who have supported the NHS-R Community for 2+ years and can get nominations from 2 senior fellows are eligible to apply. A senior fellow is someone with high level of expertise in R and has a sustained track record of sharing their expertise with the NHS-R Community.

Someone who promotes R in health and social care, sharing their skills and expertise, but who does not themselves work in health and social care in the UK.

Someone who is a fan of the NHS-R Community and promotes its aims without being employed in the public sector.

Given to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to NHS-R Community. This is awarded once a year at the annual conference and is by nomination only. Nominations are open and can be submitted to nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net with details of the nominee and the case for the award (max 250 words).