NHS Academy Training

Training, development and dissemination opportunities tailored to the needs of the NHS.

A key aim of the virtual NHS-R Academy is to provide a high standard of training, development and dissemination opportunities for the NHS and care staff. The Academy enables people to learn R but also affords people with the opportunity to develop as trainers. Our current list of courses are all online and free for NHS and care staff. See our page for current and past events.

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NHS Academy Titles

NHS-R Academy offers honorary titles for it’s members

The NHS-R Community is only as strong as its members, and we continue to seek ways to promote and reward all the wonderful, kind, and talented people using and promoting R and other open-source solutions all over health and social care.

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NHS-R Academy Solutions

Solutions are R packages or training that have been proposed or identified, that will help the NHS and Social Care to take advantage of the huge benefits of R along with other data science solutions. The NHS-R Solutions were funded in the past by NHSx and continue to be developed and maintained by volunteers in the community. Read more about the projects on the website or browse the GitHub repository.

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