NHS-R Community

The NHS-R community supports the learning, application and exploitation of R in the health and care system in the United Kingdom through a community of people by providing  training alongside a friendly space on slack for sharing, discussing and developing solutions to NHS and care sector problems using the amazing expertise of our community and the amazing data science capabilities of R.

R  is a powerful, free open-source data science and statistics environment, used in industry, academia and major corporations (eg Microsoft, Google, Facebook) but its use in the NHS is less prominent. The absence of R at scale in the NHS, means that the NHS is unable to take advantage of the huge benefits of R including a worldwide R community which freely shares learning and resources. Likewise, the NHS-R Community also shares its learning and resources freely.

The NHS-R Community has two governance structures – a steering group and a technical advisory group – and delivers much of its outputs under the auspices of the NHS-R Academy.

Membership to the NHS-R Community is open to all subject to a code of conduct. However, our events are prioritised  or restricted to people who work in the public sector in the United Kingdom.