NHS-R Community

Supports the learning, application and exploitation of R in the health and care system in the UK

Through the amazing expertise of the community and data science capabilities of R, we are able to provide training alongside a friendly space on Slack for sharing, discussing and developing solutions to NHS and care sector problems.

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NHS-R Academy

A virtual organisation that recognises the contribution of community members

The NHS-R Community is supported by a virtual NHS-R Academy, that offers honorary titles, training, organises the annual NHS-R Conference, and coordinates the development of solutions – R packages or training that will help the NHS to take advantage of the huge benefits of R.

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NHS-R Steering Group

Offers oversight and strategic guidance to the NHS-R Community from a wide range of stakeholder perspectives

In accordance with NHS-R Community commitment to the principle of openness and transparency the minutes of the NHS-R Community Steering Group will be published on the NHS-R Community website and will be freely available.

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NHS-R Technical Advisory Group

Ensuring that our community has technical guidance and support.

R is an amazing data science solution and because it has so many potential use cases and is under development all the time, it is crucial for the NHS-R Community to have an expert Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which meets regularly to discuss typical agenda items such as:

  • Consideration of candidate solutions for NHS-R.
  • Reviewing applications for the NHS-R academy titles.
  • Supporting the education and training programme including the annual conference.
  • Providing website content.
  • Supporting the community via Hexitime.
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NHS-R Supporters

The NHS-R Community acknowledges the generous organisations that have supported us.

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NHS-R Policies

NHS-R are committed to safeguarding our members.

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