Promoting the use of R in the NHS


About NHS-R Community

The NHS-R community aims to support the learning, application and exploitation of R in the NHS through workshops, video tutorials and providing a platform for discussion and sharing of developing best practice solutions to NHS problems.

With funding support from the Health Foundation’s Advancing Applied Analytics programme (which is aimed at improving analytical capability in support of health and care services.) The Improvement Academy & University of Bradford will lead this initiative  with support from NHS Improvement, NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit & NHS Wales Delivery Unit

“R is a powerful, free open source data science and statistics environment, used in industry, academia and major corporations (eg Microsoft, Google, Facebook) but its use in the NHS is almost non-existent. The absence of R at scale in the NHS, means that the NHS is unable to take advantage of the huge benefits of R including a worldwide R community which freely shares learning and resources. This award will enable us to set up and establish an NHS-R community that supports the learning, application and exploitation of R in the NHS…”

Mohammed A Mohammed, Professor, University of Bradford

Help us become betteR! Please fill 10 minutes survey to inform how we run NHS-R Community. Nice bonus – you have a chance to win a R-related book! We will pick 5 random names from all UK NHS and Public Sector responses and will contact lucky respondents to send a book straight to their door.


NHS-R provides funding to Solutions – R packages or training that will help the NHS to take advantage of the huge benefits of R. For more information on the current Solutions being developed or if you have a Solution you think NHS-R should consider please see here for more information.

NHS-R Academy

NHS-R Communities is seeking ways to recognise and promote its most active members. To apply for a title of a Champion, Fellow, Associate or Friend, please see more details here.