NHS-R Community

Supports the learning, application and use of R and data science tools in the health and care system in the UK

The NHS-R Community started in 2018 to promote the use of R in the NHS and the community has grown rapidly ever since. It is a community that is broader than the NHS as members come from public sector organisations across the UK, including Local Authorities and Civil Service, as well as academics and voluntary sector people who have an interest in healthcare. Whilst R is a core language for support by the community, there is always support for data science tools more generally, particularly where they cross over with R.

The GitHub repository hosts much of the community’s work including packages and training materials and contributions to any work from the NHS-R Community is always very welcome.

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NHS-R Academy

A virtual organisation that recognises the contribution of community members

The NHS-R Community is supported by a virtual NHS-R Academy, that offers honorary titles, training, organises the annual NHS-R Conference, and coordinates the development of solutions – R packages or training that will help the NHS to take advantage of the huge benefits of R.

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NHS-R Steering Group

Offers oversight and strategic guidance to the NHS-R Community from a wide range of stakeholder perspectives

In accordance with NHS-R Community commitment to the principle of openness and transparency the minutes of the NHS-R Community Steering Group will be published on the NHS-R Community website and will be freely available.

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NHS-R Technical Advisory Group

Ensuring that our community has technical guidance and support.

R is an amazing data science solution and because it has so many potential use cases and is under development all the time, it is crucial for the NHS-R Community to have an expert Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which meets regularly to discuss typical agenda items such as:

  • Consideration of candidate solutions for NHS-R.
  • Reviewing applications for the NHS-R academy titles.
  • Supporting the education and training programme including the annual conference.
  • Providing website content.
  • Supporting the community via Hexitime.
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NHS-R Supporters

The NHS-R Community acknowledges the generous organisations that have supported us.

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NHS-R Policies

NHS-R are committed to safeguarding our members.

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